CLOBIES arose from Madalena and Rodrigo's experience as Gaspar's (little) first-time parents.

Who better than Vera - Rodrigo's sister, Madalena's sister-in-law and Gaspar's godmother - to join Madalena?

Confident that we can make a difference, we started this adventure full time.

This is how CLOBIES was born, with the mission of offering a sustainable alternative to buying baby clothes.


  • We started Clobies with a trial and error approach. At the beginning we offered personalized packs - customers filled out a form and indicated their preferences, from the type of piece, to colors and styles. Then, we introduce the pre-selected packs. We ended up combining the two ideas. This first phase, full of challenges, taught us a lot about the type of solution that mothers and fathers are looking for.

  • In this entrepreneurial adventure of ours, we tried something new: we created a website where it was possible to rent by the piece. It didn't go as we expected, but it made us think about what was next. The reality of the market gave us a twist and we decided to return to our first model: the rental of personalized packages. But we decided to add the option of being able to buy our pieces, reinforcing our commitment to offering an economical, practical, sustainable solution with quality pieces.

  • Despite all the changes and constant adaptation, the most important thing is that we know that we want to continue offering a good alternative for the planet and for mothers and fathers. Our vision is to provide a different option in the world of baby clothes! We continue to give everything to overcome obstacles because we believe we can make a difference, making Clobies the most logical, accessible and appealing choice for all families!

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We know that baby clothes are expensive and only last for a short time... we're sure there are many moms and dads who agree, right?

We turned to our families and friends to borrow clothes, a process that involved collecting, choosing the pieces, washing, ironing, organizing and arranging the clothes.

After being used and as they no longer fit, the clothes go into a "pile" (literally), and then, when there is time and desire, they can repeat the process again and return everything.

And when there is no longer (or never was) borrowed clothing?... The costs of purchasing clothing are high, for the wallet and for the environment!

Our idea is simple: rental of second-hand baby clothes, from 0 to 24 months - on a subscription model.

We send packs of clothes, properly washed and with the quantity necessary for the baby's stage.

At the end, the clothes are returned to be cleaned again and sent to the next baby.

An economical and waste-free solution!

Using second-hand clothes reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

The cycle of collecting, washing and redistributing clothes contributes to the circular economy as it helps to reduce the waste of baby clothes, providing a more sustainable option for parents.

At the end of the useful life of clothes at CLOBIES, they will be sent to recycling centers, or donated, if they can still be used.