• Circular model

    Gives it back

  • Essential Pack

    Shipping Included
    30 pieces

    €1.50 per piece/month

  • We do not charge damages

    Did you ruin a piece? Do not worry!
    We only charge if you don't return the clothes - €2 for each item not returned.

Order your Essential Pack now!

During the rental, we offer customer support via WhatsApp to resolve any queries that may arise.

How it works?

Discover the sustainable journey of our clothes: from our closet to your baby's, and back to us.

1. Order the pack

Complete the order form.

order here

2. Receive a photo of the pack

Receive a photo of the Pack.

Confirm your Pack or exchange up to 5 pieces.

3. We deliver the package

Make the 1st payment.

The following will be billed monthly.
Receive your Pack at home.

4. Wear the clothes

Your baby will wear the clothes for an estimated period of 3 months*.

Minimum rental period of 1 month.

*If they stop fitting before the 3 months have passed, you can return them and ask for the next size.

5. Return

Tell us that you want to return it.

We place the collection order.

Put the clothes in a tightly closed box.

Delivery to a CTT point (no additional costs).

6. Quality control

We carry out quality control on returned parts.

7. Sanitization

Sanitization, stain treatment and repair of damaged parts are carried out.

8. Cycle

Pieces in good condition are rented (or sold) again.

9. Parts

The remaining items will be donated or recycled (damaged clothes).